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True Midwifery Study Spirals

My name is Ruth Ehrhardt and I am a mother, traditional midwife, and birth attendant from South Africa.

I invite you to dip your toe into the warm and nourishing waters of True Midwifery by joining our monthly study spirals. These monthly gatherings are a safe space for birth keepers from around the world to gather, share, study, discuss and learn in a non judgemental and oxytocin rich space.

True Midwifery Study Spirals for 2024 are:

  • Thursday 29 January DANCE FOR BIRTH with Kali Satyagrah Widd
  • Thursday 29 February TRADITIONAL BIRTH CULTURE IN ECUADOR Alexa Dean
  • Thursday 28 March REFLECTIONS OF TRADITIONAL MIDWIFERY Mmatshilo Motsei
  • Thursday 25 April YONI STEAMING with Silawu
  • Thursday 30 May PLANT POWER with Samara Hawthorn
  • Thursday 27 June TWIN HOME BIRTH with Deborah Faye Rhodes 
  • Thursday 25 July SUPPORTING GRIEF & LOSS Nadia Maheter
  • Thursday 29 August BOUNDARIES IN BIRTH WORK Ruth & Lana
  • Thursday 26 September HOMEOPATHY IN CHILDBIRTH with Rebecca Sturgeon (part 1)
  • Thursday 24 October HOMEOPATHY IN CHILDBIRTH with Rebecca Sturgeon(part 2)
  • Thursday 28 November IS BIRTH TRULY FREE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD TODAY Group Discussion

The Study Spirals fall on the very last Thursday of the month from 11 am – 2 pm SAST (South African Standard Time) – although subject to change due to illness or births - but I will make up sessions that are missed! 

All calls are recorded and uploaded to the platform for you to access for the duration of your subscription.

Please note: October dates do not fall on the last Thursday – we have other commitments on those days.

Topics include herbs and homeopathy for pregnancy and childbirth, childbirth and sexuality, traditional midwifery from across the globe, topical issues for birthkeepers, a myriad of birth stories, grief and loss, unusual births, etc. The schedule is an ongoing and organic meeting of what is being called for by the True Midwifery community. Remember, these are YOUR sessions. If you feel called to discuss of share a certain topic, please let us know and we will make a plan. Some sessions will have guest teachers and others will be run by myself or one of the members of the True Midwifery team.

All the sessions are underpinned by a strong foundation in honouring the basic needs of pregnant, labouring, birthing and new mothers and their babies.

If you would like to join our circles you can subscribe for one session (to try it out) or one year (at a discounted rate)

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Please reach out if the costs are inhibitive for you - we will always do our best to accommodate and make our spirals accessible.


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Twins are such a wonderment, two babies growing together!

Sadly their journey earth side has been hugely medicalised & also taken out of midwifery expertise. 

Twins can be complicated & definitely pose additional challenges to consider but actually most could be born physiologically & safely. 

Together let's share our group wisdom. 

I want to share with you:

- about the different types of twins so you can understand the biology of why caution can be needed, but why most twins can grow & be born really beautifully

- key pregnancy support 

- main challenges of twin pregnancies, births & postpartum

- birth keeper support

- stories

These study spiral sessions are

for anyone who wants to deepen their learning in nourishing, nurturing, honouring and guarding birth.

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