Benefits of Participating in the True Midwifery Study Spirals

What are the benefits of participating in these spirals?

In a world that is ever challenging, it is such a gift to be a part of a community. This would surely be the first incredible benefit of being a part of the True Midwifery family. While members of True Midwifery are all passionate about compassionate birth on Earth, we are also culturally diverse, which means that coming together in discussion always broadens our awareness and knowledge. 

True Midwoifery offers a container as Birthkeepers to come and share our fears, queries and victories in a space that is safe, contained and empathetic.

As the Study Spiral Sessions run monthly, and our Telegram discussion space is ongoing, there is no pressure to arrive at any conclusion, or use up the time in a hurry. Community is always there, spiralling outward. There is space to continue learning in an unadrenalised manner. 

Our growing library and information resources are always available to refer to, add to and benefit from. 

As Birthkeepers, flexibility is imperative. You can tailor your presence in the community to suit your current needs. If you are unable to attend a Spiral Session, you can always catch the recording or simply engage in the Telegram discussion, or just reach out of you need some support! 

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