Overview of How the True Midwifery Study Spirals Work

How do the study spirals work?

The basis of our community is our private Telegram community. This is a live, ongoing platform where members can share questions, articles, thoughts and inspiration as it arises throughout our day to day lives. Members include experienced birth attendants, aspiring doulas, midwives or holistic practitioners in the sphere of pregnancy, birth and beyond. Questions may arise while attending a birth, or while pondering the correct response to the question of a client. We explore these questions together in the confidential, safe and contained space of our Telegram community. 

We then have a Teachable platform where one can subscribe to the monthly Study Spiral sessions, access recordings of past sessions as well as a wealth of shared resources. Subscriptions can be made monthly or annually, according to one’s needs. 

As our sessions are online and not in person, we set the intention of creating an intimate ambience , where we walk away feeling like we had truly been sitting side by side. A session is always opened with The Grandmother Blessing, a song honouring the maternal lineage of our ancestry as well as the teachers who come before us. This time can be used to sing along, or as a meditation, grounding us and settling us in for three hours of intense, beautiful sharing and exploration. We create a ‘seating circle’ and each share our thoughts as we ‘move around the circle’. This gives us the feeling of truly being in circle together and we spiral around until our time is complete. 

The Grandmother Blessing - song

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