Overview of What the True Midwifery Study Spirals are

Welcome to The True Midwifery Study Spirals!

These are monthly meetings that take place via Zoom for Birthkeepers from around the world. We are midwives, doulas, aspiring midwives, student midwives, independent birthkeepers, birth attendants; some of us work in more traditional settings, whilst others work in the more medical environments.

What we hold in common is wanting maintain and sustain and honour the fundemental and basic needs of ALL pregnant, labouring and birthing mothers, and their babies.

True Midwifery Study Spirals began in 2021 as True Midwifery Study Circles and were created as a monthly online meeting for birthkeepers from around the world to meet true demands of support, education and knowledge during the COVID pandemic and lockdowns. Hosted by Ruth Ehrhardt of True Midwifery and supported by Samara Hawthorn (WellMama) and Alex Khula.

The name was recently changed on account of the spiralling out of community, knowledge and growth that stems from each session. Each meeting is held in circle, but the benefits spiral out, infinitely. 

We gather on the last Thursday of every month for a three hour live Zoom call. A theme is chosen based on topics that organically arise in discussions on our private Telegram community. On some occasions, a guest speaker is welcomed to share their knowledge of a certain topic. Other times we simply discuss and explore together and are always left feeling enriched, inspired and surrounded by strong community. 

“With each new circle that Ruth facilitates there will be a new elixir of sisters and birthkeepers to share stories and create new networks. And hopefully all of our networks will spiral together. Which is really exciting!” - Billie, student midwife and Silent Birthkeeper 2022

Why do we call these sessions spirals?

1. Billie once said that she hopes that these true midwifery circles spiral outwards, creating new circles. A ripple effect of sorts I suppose

2. A circle is a closed unit and a spiral flows from the centre outwards, growing and ever circling outwards. 

3. Obstetric and midwifery textbooks show us a closed circular diagram of how a cervix dilates but we now know that a cervix actually dilates more like a spiral. Which makes sense since we are nature and nature is full of spirals (Fibonacci sequence)….

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