Upcoming Session: Supporting Grief and Loss in Pregnancy and Childbirth with Nadia Maheter

Supporting Grief & Loss in Pregnancy and Childbirth with Nadia Maheter

In this session we will be exploring how we hold the families as well as ourselves with graceful space when faced with perinatal bereavement & loss.

We will center on how to be with grief- supporting the process through the creation of meaningful memories, practical support tools with trauma awareness and emotional presence. We will also talk about the importance of self- compassion, awareness & nurturing when called to serve in this space.

My name is Nadia Maheter.

I am a wife, teacher, organic product formulator, cupping practitioner and mother to 5 children - 3 of whom I mother on this Earth and 2 angel babies who are mothered in heart and memory. 

I serve women & families as a birth doula, bereavement doula, trauma support worker & professional postpartum care provider in Cape Town, South Africa.




Join us for this upcoming session session on grief and loss in pregnancy and childbirth with Nadia Maheter on 25th of July 2024 between 11 am - 2 pm SAST (double check YOUR time zone here)

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