Upcoming Session: PLANT POWER with Samara Hawthorn


An exploration into “gathering, growing and crafting our own medicines” 

We will discuss creating infusions, tinctures, tonics, elixirs and salves imbued with the power of plant medicine, helpful for the Childbearing Year and beyond..

We will focus on six main herbal healers, drop into a short plant spirit meditation/embodiment exercise, and share recipes, skills and wisdom around tending to our health and well-being in alliance with our plant kin..

Samara’s passion for birth-tending began with the birth of her daughter in 1995

She went on to train in Shiatsu at the Zen School in London, and in 2000 began to specialise in Shiatsu for Maternity Care with Suzanne Yates of WellMother. Over several years, Samara completed the Diploma and Teacher Training and became a WellMother Teacher.

In 2002 Samara moved to Ashland, Oregon and began training with CPM Maureen Mitchell of Helping Hands Midwifery, and continued to learn from Maureen up until her death.

Upon Samara’s return to Wales in 2004, she continued working as a Community Doula and Traditional Birth Attendant.

Both of Samara’s son's were born at home in 2005 and 2008, and she then put her energy to building a roundhouse for them to live in and tending the land and animals, continuing her work as a Doula

In 2013 Samara founded WellMama CIC , and began to teach the WellMama Holistic Doula Training, she was soon joined by her two apprentices, and together they formed WellMama Community Interest Company, based in Wales, which continues to offer services and training to support and celebrate the Childbearing Year.

Samara volunteers annually at the Chinamhora Birth Clinic in rural Zimbabwe, and supports their efforts to establish a purpose built Birth House.

Samara is a certified Counsellor, Healing Tao, Chi Kung and Tai Chi Instructor, and a visiting lecturer for the School of Midwifery at Swansea University.

Samara has a calling to learn, weave and tend Traditional Midwifery Skills and Herb Lore in order that women and their families continue to have access to this ancient knowledge.

Samara has attended more that 120 births, and supported numerous women and their families throughout the Childbearing Year.


Join us on Thursday the 30th of May 2024 from 11 am - 2pm SAST (South African Standard Time)

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