Upcoming Session: Twin Home Birth with Deborah Faye Rhodes


Twins are such a wonderment, two babies growing together!

Sadly their journey earth side has been hugely medicalised & also taken out of midwifery expertise. 

Twins can be complicated & definitely pose additional challenges to consider but actually most could be born physiologically & safely. 

Together let's share our group wisdom. 

I want to share with you:

- about the different types of twins so you can understand the biology of why caution can be needed, but why most twins can grow & be born really beautifully

- key pregnancy support 

- main challenges of twin pregnancies, births & postpartum

- birth keeper support

- stories

My name is Debs & I'm a holistic independent home birth midwife. I also work at Da-a-Luz Traditional Midwifery School in Spain as co-creator, teacher & administrator. 

I've been in Spain 6 years now, before this working in the UK in the home birth world for 15 years & 4 years in the health service. 

My passions within this work are supporting women in the option of physiological birth for their breech babies, twins & VBAC. I now also share this knowledge with my Breech & Twin Birth Skills Workshops across Europe.

Join us on Thursday the 27th of June 2024 from 11 am - 2 pm SAST (South African Standard Time)

Double check your time zone here

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